Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO
    The transition toward adopting new technology is no longer exclusive to large companies.
The Forward March of Technology Will Impact Non-Tech Companies

Regardless of the different sizes of companies or organizations, how they are managed or the marketing channels they use, they all have one thing in common, and that is their dependence on technology, even in non-tech companies. No matter the industry or size, technology has become a beacon for all organizations ... MORE
  MenaITech signs partnership agreement with Microsoft Jordan
  MenaITech participates in Dubai HR Summit & Expo
  MenaITech Supports and Recognizes Jordan’s Future Entrepreneurs at UCMAS Competition
Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship... the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.
~ Peter F. Drucker
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Fateen Al Zoubi
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Shatha Khreisat
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Mohammad Tayyem
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Management consultant, educator,
and author
The world has around 472 million entrepreneurs and 1.35 M tech start-ups.
According to the Entrepreneurship in the Middle East survey, 64% of working-age respondents in MENA region would rather have their own business than be employed.
UAE is considered the best Arab country for Entrepreneurship, and ranked 19th worldwide, according to the Entrepreneurship Index for 2017 issued by the World Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development GEDI.
Did you know
Did you know that studying entrepreneurship behavior started by psychologists during the 1960s, where scientists used to study if an individual’s behavior is a leading one or not.

The concept has developed during the 1980s to become “starting a business that is characterized with creativity and risks to create opportunities and to generate revenue”.
Newsletter / April, 2016 / Issue #36
“Big Data analytics is one of the most prominent trends that dominate human resources   management   software   in   2016.”
Bashar Hawamdeh - CEO
  Notes from the CEO  
Dear readers,
The information technology sector is witnessing an unprecedented fierce competition due to the acceleration in various technologies that are being develop every day.

Starting from the cloud computing technology to identifying the geographical positioning that not only covers devices but humans too, ending with data analytics based on what is called “Big Data”.

Followers of the developments since the beginning of 2016, find out that human resources systems are ... MORE
  MenaITech News
Integrated Telecom Company signs an agreement with (MenaITech) to enhance its cloud products ..
“JKB” provides “MenaITech” human resources solutions to
its SME clients ..
MenaITech partners with
the Jordan Air Ambulance
Centre (JAAC) for saving lives ..
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Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh:

Big data is the
oil of the future
What is Big Data?
Is Big Data Getting Too Big?
Can Big Data predict the future?
Data is the new science.
Big Data holds the answers.

~ Pat Gelsinger, COO of EMC

Your Views

“The modern technological developments have been able to change the human resources systems, particularly in the light of arising solutions regarding the dependency on cloud computing, data analysis, or Big Data”

In your opinion, how did this technology contribute in improving and developing human resources departments in the companies? And to what extent?

I believe that with the current aggressive global competition, the fierce competition for superior talent, and the continuous demand by the business leaders to make faster and better business decisions, and keeping in mind that human capital is the TOP contributing factor to sustainable ..

The World has witnessed a great accelerated development in all aspects of life in recent years. Since human resources are the most important element in any company, this accelerated development imposed an unprecedented interest in human resources management systems ..
Ibrahim A. Suleiman
Business Solution Manager
Sama Jordan Investment Group
Ragab Zakaria
IT Director
ALajeer Recruitment Co
  Partners & Clients News
    Asyad Holding Group (AHG) launches programmes to build
the capacity of future leaders
    King patronizes ceremony of King Abdullah II Center for Excellence     “Sbitani” reopens its “Sbitani Sales” branch in Bireh  
    KR Direct HR BPO Model Boost Productivity and Employee Motivation     PROCAPITA hosting the 1st HR Leaders Forum in Kuwait     ULTIMIT Advanced Turnkey Solutions Joins Laserfiche VAR Program  
  Employee of the Month
  Maen Abbasi
Technical Department
Did you know?
Did you know that the advancement of technology led to the development of terminology and words available in “Oxford” dictionary, which is considered one of the largest references of English language?

In recent years, a number of words that have never been used before, were added to the dictionary. Some of these words include: “Selfie” , a photograph that one has taken of oneself and “Big Data” , which is the output of raw data processing and “twitterati” , which defines a person who tweets frequently.

Contributing to saving lives,
is a high sense of citizenship

As part of social responsibility and to achieve true citizenship, MenaITech supports Jordan Air Ambulance Centre.
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Make Enterprise Software People Actually Love. Jon Kolko - Harvard Business Review
There is a big, important change happening in digital product design. For a long time, there has been a clear split between business software (often called Enterprise or B2B), and consumer software (B2C, or simply “products”).   As a product designer, I cut my teeth on enterprise software at Trilogy in Austin; we developed configuration tools for Ford and Nissan, pricing solutions for the insurance vertical, and supply-chain and selling management software for a host   of  different  
companies. This category of software is typically characterized as “feature-rich.” In fact, these products are sold as lists of features to C-suite ...
  Information Technology in numbers
Total global data center traffic to triple in 2019

Due to the advancement of new technologies, Cisco forecasts that there will be an accelerated growth in the global cloud traffic to reach 10.4 zettabytes in 2019, up from 3.4 zettabytes in 2014.

* ZB = 1021 Bytes
* Trillion = 1012
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